what has happened since my last post one and a half years ago, summarized

27 11 2012

Libyan revolution happened, Col Gaddafi was killed there’s been allot of crap that doesn’t make sense this is in no particular order BTW just going from what i remember off the top of my head the queen had her jubilee Syria is going crazy and the Iranians are still making nuclear missilesObama was re-elected president. Jimmy Saville turned out to be sexual predator and Gary glitter is still evil as usual.


Radiation found at UK sites

30 03 2011
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Trace amounts of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant were detected in Glasgow and Oxfordshire, the source is suspected to be the radiation leaks caused by the fires and explosions at the plant.

Although this does highlight how big a problem the disaster is health officials stress there is no health risks to this “miniscule” amount. This is a reassuring demonstration to the united kingdom that any threat of contamination can easily be detected by the systems in place.

The Health Protection Agency talk of a suspected “rise in the coming days and weeks” but Britain can breathe a breath of fresh air as it would be “below any level that could cause harm to public health“.

French Fire First

21 03 2011
Muammar al-Gaddafi

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The french have fired the first shot to enforce the restrictions over Libya. Mere hours after the restrictions had been put in place the french intercepted and destroyed ground forces en route to reinforce Gaddafi‘s troops, but the Libyan government denied launching an assault.

French fighters have flown reconnaissance missions over Libyan soil. Other air forces and navies have now been expected to join coalition forces in the next few days. The US have said that they would be using all capabilities at their disposal but not to send in ground troops.

 British Tornado and a Trafalgar-class submarines were involved in tactical strikes on high value targets in Tripoli and other areas. Gaddafi has responded by opening weapons depots and handing out arms to defend pro-Gaddafi supporters. The air strikes and missiles launched at Libyan targets were a complete success taking out air-defence systems and other targets. Col Gaddafi’s forces that attacked the rebel held city of Benghazi claimed that the rebels broke the ceasefire first but it has been claimed they were defending themselves.

Written by JonnyDPayne

Edited by Connor Wheeler

Libya No Fly Zone

19 03 2011
Iraq (January 11, 2005) - A Royal Air Force GR...

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Libya has declared a ceasefire on rebels because of the UN passing the Security Council Resolution, this gives way to air strikes and other military assistance required to protect the people of Libya apart form a ground invasion which should be avoided if possible.

Britain will be sending Tornado and Typhoon fighter jets along with air to air refueling and surveillance aircraft to enforce the no fly zone, any Libyan aircraft attempting to attack rebel strongholds will be shot down. The main problem now is what to do if the ceasefire stops and fighting recommences.

The jet fighters being sent are specifically designed fo different roles, the Tornado is a ground attack fighter and so will be dealing with ground threats such as vehicles and anti air defenses if necessary whereas as the Typhoon is more of an air to air fighter and can deal with any aircraft which decides to break the to fly zone.

The RAF are under strain because of the MoD cuts, getting rid of the HMS Ark Royal and all the harrier jump jets which could have played a vital role in enforcing the no fly zone, many people including myself regret and miss the HMS Ark Royal and her harriers.

All we can do for now is to wait and see how Col Gaddafi will react to the restrictions that have been put in place and whether this is just a short term solution or be what save the lives of the Libyan people.

Written by JonnyDPayne

Edited by Connor Wheeler

Dennis the menace celebrates his 60th birthday

17 03 2011

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The internationally well-known Beano cartoon comic book character Dennis the Menace turned 60 today. The original naughty child is known all over the world not just in the Beano but as an international television spin-off series.

When I was young I could almost guarantee a Beano would be in my Santa sack and it would be read from cover to cover in no time and I have grown up with it but it seems that in todays age of technology comic strips such as the Beano are just not bought for children anymore.

Comment on whether you think the Beano is a thing of the past or future.


Japan government not giving the full picture on nuclear situation

16 03 2011
Photo of Three Mile Island nuclear power plant...

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The situation in japan looks critical and now with fuel rods exposed and re-criticality possible has the Japanese government underplayed the nuclear threat.

The United States think so with officials stating that Japanese warnings have been insufficient.  They believe the japan incident is worst than three-mile island which is America’s biggest nuclear disaster which occurred in Pennsylvania. The disaster however is not as bad as Chernobyl or so say sources there is a lot of speculation on how dire the situation is and the current state of the reactors.

The country is still disabled by the earthquake and tsunami therefore the humanitarian response is very important. The pumps are running out of fuel and the shelves in most if not all supermarkets are empty, the government are using helicopters to help get supplies to badly hit areas. With over 4000 people dead a nuclear disaster is not what japan needs to get back on its feet.